A(ME) Gospel versus a (HE) Gospel

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A (ME) Gospel versus a (HE) Gospel

Live a (HE) Gospel NOT a (ME) Gospel

Q: We are faced with so much false teaching today and many are being fooled so I want to ask if you know the difference between [a ME gospel]: which is all about self-effort where we work to turn away from our sin, – versus – [a HE gospel]: which is abiding in Christ and being enabled by God’s Holy Spirit to overcome sin?
A: The bible teaches us to abide in Christ, [a HE gospel] (Jn 15:4) and NOT in ourselves and self-effort, [a ME gospel] because our competence comes from God (2 Cor 3:5) so everything we do is because of Him. The bible also teaches that we are SAVED by God’s undeserved GRACE and we are JUSTIFIED by our FAITH, nothing else (Gal 5:18).
This FREE GIFT is given with NO conditions (Eph 2:8-9), and is available for ALL who BELIEVE that:
  • Jesus Christ is Lord
  • Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sin
  • We are sinners in need of a Saviour
  • We will be saved if we repent and confess our sins
Therefore, salvation is the ONLY the WORK and the loving MERCY of Christ, NOTHING of ourselves (Rom 10:9-13, Jn 3:16 & Acts 2:38) so for all those who believe in self -effort, it doesn’t matter how hard YOU try, you will NEVER FULLY turn away sin whilst living in a fleshly body and what sin you do turn away from, will NOT JUSTIFY you before God because the bible says we have ALL fallen short of God’s Glory (Rom 3:23) and it is ONLY through our faith in Jesus that we will we be justified… Jesus is the one who covers us with HIS righteousness and who gives us a robe of salvation (Isaiah 61:10).
So many people misunderstand what this actually means. When you belong to Christ you die with Him and you enter into His rest (Heb 4). Your Spirit is born within you (John 3: 3-17) and it DOESN’T sin. It is your flesh that sins and Christ has reconciled us to God by paying the debt for our sin IN FULL (2 Cor 5:21)!!
So why do people think and believe differently?
We know, from the Old Testament, there were false prophets in ancient Israel so we are facing nothing new, although there seems to be an abundance of them today (Matt 24:11). They teach repentance means to sin no more or you will be rejected by God and you won’t be saved!! Although this blatant lie contradicts scripture, it sounds Godly, after all God deserves perfection, so people are being led astray to believe that their salvation is NOT secure, they’re NOT justified by faith and the FREE GIFT God gave them when they first believed, wasn’t a free gift after all!! That is the problem with FALSE teaching… It comes dressed in sheep’s clothing so it sounds Godly but it always contradicts scripture and distorts the truth, prevents a person from growing in God’s grace and it turns them to towards another gospel [a ME gospel] (Gal 1:6b-7).
That is so sad because the word of God is PURE and STEADFAST. Anything else are just lies from the devil who wants people to be prideful and believe they are elite compared to God’s humble servants of grace. They believe we are deceived, part of the beast system and lawless when in truth, it is they who are deceived!
Time is short, so recognise which gospel is being taught to you. Be aware of anything that promotes [a ME gospel] such as the blame game, condemnation, law keeping, self-effort etc… This will only produce self righteousness and is a vain religion (2 Pet 3:14-18 & Matt 7:15-20). Whereas, being taught to yield to Christ, to have assurance in your salvation, to grow in grace and to have a humble heart (Ps 25:8-9), [a HE gospel], is the TRUE gospel of Christ Jesus. Remember that God loves a humble heart (James 3:13) that is totally reliant upon Him.

I pray this be a blessing to you all. Amen

Source from a great FB group that has many units about the Born Again Christian life.Anyone can join and go through all the unitshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/Christian.Truth/learning_content/
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