Can You say You have Eternal Life NOW?

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Can You say You have Eternal Life NOW?


If you cannot say at any moment,I know I am saved and I know I will go to heaven

Then you dont actually know you have Eternal Life until you actually get there or not.


Because you are relying on yourself.Relying on you persevering in good works and not sinning bad enough,to get you there.

You can know,the moment you believed on Christ,That He will make sure you get there.

Why are there so many Born Again Christians ,who doubt their Salvation?

Because they are looking at themselves,NOT at Christ.Looking at what they are doing or not doing Rather than looking at what Christ did,does and will Finish what He started in You.

Be pursuaded,like Paul was.Looking not at Himself,but at Jesus.

It is only by looking at Him,you will find all the assurance you need now and into the future,of where you will spend eternity.For IN HIM you have Eternal Life,NOT in yourself.

Place yourself under the law and you condemn yourself.

Place yourself under works,you will never do enough works to earn your way into heaven,no matter how good you are.

.Place yourself under the Grace and you know,when when you fail,you can walk boldly into the throne room of God and ask forgiveness and strength from Him to will and walk according to His purposes.

Doubting your Salvation is doubting Christ.

Comment ……….Trevor,.we have people in here who are very Biblical. They chase grace people around just like they did Paul telling them that life cones from observing the law.
My reply ……yeah,like those who had to drop their stones and walk away….
.A Godly man is one who says like Paul O wretched man that I am and admits he sins and cries out to God deliver me from these things that easily besets me….
An ungodly man is one who says well i dont sin as much as i used to,and when i do ,its none of the real bad ones,followed by a list,murder,fornication,etc……..
MIC drop,you just broke 1 PRIDE and another BOASTING oh and another LYING
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