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Chafer Theological Seminary

Study Links & Resources

       Bible Gateway
       Bible Sprout
Blueletter Bible
Faith Comes by Hearing

Biblical Inerrancy
Defending Inerrancy

Chafer Leadership Websites
Biblical Framework MinistriesCharles Clough
Dean Bible MinistriesRobert Dean
Evergreen Baptist ChurchPaul Schmidtbleicher
Faith Bible Church – David Broersma
For His GloryRay Mondragon
Fredericksburg Bible ChurchJeremy Thomas
Grace Redeemer Bible ChurchMark Musser
National Capital Bible ChurchDaniel Inghram
Pleroma Bible ChurchClay Ward
Preston City Bible ChurchDavid Roseland
Sugar Land Bible ChurchAndy Woods

Creation Science
Answers in Genesis (AIG)
Creation Ministries International
“How Old is the Earth?” by Dr. Jonathon Sarfati
For His Glory – website of faculty member Ray Mondragon
Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Free Grace
Grace Evangelical Society
Grace Life Ministries
Grace School of Theology in Houston
Scripture Unlocked
Sonic Light
Spokane Bible Church

Grammatical Diagrams of Greek New Testament 
Diagram of 1 Timothy
Diagram of Psalm 46

       Biblical Greek: Beginning the Adventure (Written by Chafer graduate Nate Purtzer; FREE download available in English, Spanish, & Chinese)
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