Cures for Calvinism

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Cures for Calvinism

This section of Truth on Fire is dedicated to the exposure of Calvinism as the system of philosophical speculation that it is. We have provided two sets of links that enable access to resources. The Internal Links will take you to various articles within Truth on Fire that deal (in whole or part) with some aspect of Calvinism. Most of these articles are previously published editions of The Pastor’s Pen. All PDF files open in a new window. The External Links will direct you to other websites that we believe add illuminative value.
The bottom line: Calvinism is a philosophical force at odds with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If through contextual exposition of scripture we can help a single child of God to escape its enticing clutches, we will have rendered a valuable kingdom service. You can download a comprehensive collection of articles entitled The Gospel Deficiency of Reformed Theology. If you are looking for a definitive reference for the errors of Calvinism, we recommend The Other Side of Calvinism by Dr. Lawrence Vance.

Internal Links

An Overview of Calvinism

Calvinism: A Mental Disorder

Calvinism’s Primary Argument Refuted

The Gospel Deficiency of Reformed Theology

The Election of Grace

Election and the Last Days

No Gospel in a Limited Atonement

A Clear and Present Danger

Known & Foreknown of God

The Bottom Line: Foreknown or Never Known

A Brief Overview of Depravity

The Total Sufficiency for Our Depravity

The Doctrines of Goodness

Repentance in Its Proper Balance

Predestination and the Greater Homeland

James White on John 3:14-18An Examination

Bogus Arguments for Calvinism

The Church Infected with Calvinism

The “World” According to Jesus

My Personal Experience with Calvinism

An Analysis of Romans 9:1-24

An Analysis of Romans 11:1-8

Does Regeneration Precede Faith?

The “Look and Live” Object Lesson

Connecting the Gospel Dots

Liberty In Sovereignty

The Chief of Sinners

Continuing in the Grace of God

Ordained to Eternal Life (Part 1)

Ordained to Eternal Life (Part 2)

The Saviour of All Men

The Believer’s Advocate

The Work of God

The Greatest of Associations

The Two Sides of Reconciliation

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