Deception In the Church Moriel TV

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Deception In the Church Moriel TV

Moriel TV is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.

Disciples Of Deception: Why?
Spirit of Truth Spirit of Error Take Two
The Golden Calf
Prosperity Gospel/Money Preachers
False Prophets and False Teachers 2 Peter 2
Lying Signs & Wonders – James Jacob Prasch & Sandy Simpson -A Tim Wirth Film
Witchcraft: Invading the Church – Part 1
Witchcraft: Invading the Church – Part 2
Pop Psychology in the Church
Biblical Authority and Heresy
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