Foundations Building in the Faith

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Foundations Building in the Faith
Laying a Foundation upon the Rock, Jesus Christ
Luke 6:48


This portion of VMI’s Equip program is called Foundations, which is designed to assist the new student of the Word of God to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). Therefore, the emphasis throughout Foundations is not only to understand the significance and depth of God’s Word but also to aid the student in the development of his own spiritual life.
Foundations is also designed to equip the student to teach others once the student has absorbed the principles into his own soul. It is a valuable tool for “making disciples” in fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
This book contains the basic information that a student of God’s Word needs to know. Chapter 1, “Getting Started,” considers the importance of spiritual preparation and then gives an overview of God’s Word.
Chapters 2 and 3 present a brief survey of each book in the Bible to give the student general information about the author and subject matter. Chapter 4 then leads the student through basic principles of interpretation which are designed to guide our understanding of the Scriptures.
Chapters 5 through 8 introduce the student to basic theology, giving a summary of Biblical terms and concepts, and Chapter 9 is designed to teach the student how to implement what has been learned, by actually preparing a Bible lesson.
It is our sincere prayer that Foundations will let you more fully embrace our Lord Jesus Christ through the spiritual walk of faith revealed in His Word.
Welcome to the excitement of God’s Word!

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VMI authorizes any individual to copy and distribute these materials and use them for the purpose of teaching others about Christ and the Word of God; however, no one may alter, amend or make any changes to the text (regardless of how minor such changes may be). No one may charge any individual or groups of individuals for the use of these materials, it being understood that VMI has a policy of grace and does not charge for the use of its materials.
Any copying, retransmission, distribution, printing, or other use of Foundations must set forth the following credit line, in full, at the conclusion of the portion of Foundations that is used:
Copyright © 2001 Village Ministries International, Inc. Reprinted with permission. Foundations is a publication of Village Ministries International, Inc.

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