Grace a license to sin?

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Grace a license to sin?

Everyone technically uses Grace as a “license to sin.” As the self-righteous folks want to call it.
There’s alot of self righteous people out there that disagree with this, they say you can’t use Grace as a license to sin, they say and think the free Grace proponents out there are just telling people they can go out and just sin all they want. What they fail to understand is that we’re just talking about salvation, when it comes to salvation your sins are not the problem, because when Jesus Christ died on the cross, He payed for all your sins, past, present & future.
When a person is saved all their sins have been removed, paid for & washed away by the blood of Jesus, So sin is not the issue.
But these anti-free Grace anti-OSAS folks, they’re still in their sins. They’re trying to turn from their sins, trying to live a life of holiness and they despise the idea that people use Grace as what they think is just a
“license to sin.” No understanding of Grace obviously.
But the number 1 reason they hate this, is because they don’t understand what sin is, number 2, they’ve downplayed sin to only what “seems” to be the bigger or worse sins, not recognizing that sin can be ranging from anything of thoughts, over eating, laziness, and anything done without faith.
See these people that say stuff like “well if you’re truly a Christian you won’t use Grace as a license to sin”
These people are just full of pride which is an act of boasting, which is sin, so these people are nothing but sinful hypocrites. The bible describes boasting, people that claim they don’t sin, or they’ve turned from their sins or they’re not as sinful as they use to be.. Well you’re a boastful person, full of pride and according to James 4:16 KJV it’s evil “But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.”
They sin all the time just like everyone one else, there are sins that people want to continue doing and don’t want to stop as if they have a “”license to sin””
Let’s list a few.
Eating junk food, not treating your body like a temple.
Watching television.
Listening to secular music, or Christian music that emulates secular music.
Over eating.
Over sleeping.
All these things are sinful but how many people are willing to give all these things up, they’re not, therefore you’re sinning all willy nilly as if you have a license to commit these sins.
If you’re just honest about yourself, you’d have to admit this is true. Everybody’s committing some type of sin that they don’t want to stop. The problem with these people, they’re in such denial and won’t admit that what they’re doing is sinful, they don’t want to look like a hypocrite regarding sin.
So if one of these hypocrites tells you, “you better not use Grace as a license to sin” you can tell them to look in the mirror, because they’re trying to use Grace the same way and so is everyone else
The bottom line is that when anyone tells you that you can’t use Grace as a “free pass” to sin or that you can “lose your salvation” if you commit x, y, & z sins or if “you’re truly saved you won’t do certain sins” they’re full of themselves.
It’s always about somebody else’s sin, it’s never about theirs and that is hypocrisy and it’s funny that they never seem to point the finger at themselves as the guilty party, it’s always pointed at someone else. That’s what “fruit inspectors” and “false accusers” do.
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