Must Faith Endure?

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Must Faith Endure?


Christians who follow the Bible readily acknowledge that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for eternal salvation. But if faith is necessary to be saved in the first place, then what happens when a person stops believing? What if a person’s faith falters, fails, or is unfruitful? Will that person be lost?

Must Faith Endure for Salvation to Be Sure? answers these questions in detail by examining the key biblical passages on perseverance in faith and the believer’s preservation in Christ. This book shows through its thorough exegesis of Scripture that all who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone, rather than their own good works, will be kept safe and eternally secure by God’s grace and power.

Rather than the traditional Reformed doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, the Bible teaches that a person’s eternal salvation rests solely upon the perseverance of the Savior in keeping His own secure. While perseverance will be the result of the believer’s ongoing fellowship with the Lord and spiritual fruitfulness in service to Him, it is not a requirement to possess eternal life. Believers in Christ can be personally assured that they will never perish forever because their salvation rests solely upon the faithfulness and finished work of the Savior on their behalf.

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