My 2 years returning back into Gods will

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My 2 years returning into Gods will

Back story should read before reading this.

‘I returned to walking with God,in 2018,after 10 yrs of walking in disobedience to God.I started to attend a Baptist Church ,I had attended as. a teenager,some 45 yrs ago.
One night,as driving the 100 kms towards home.
I was impressed by the Holy Spirit,to flee Sodom Gomorrah .This started a 2 year journey to leave,my former life of 10 years and starting afresh,far away from where I was living.Fleeing from a relationship that was ungodly(heterosexual,to be clear).
So my prayer became where Lord,?where to?
I struggled to get any direction for a while.
Then God reminded me of Joshua,where God told him to return to the land of his father.

Deu 11:9  And that ye may prolong your days in the land, which the LORD sware unto your fathers to give unto them and to their seed, a land that floweth with milk and honey. 


Jos 1:6  Be strong and of a good courage: for unto this people shalt thou divide for an inheritance the land, which I sware unto their fathers to give them.

So I made plans as to how that could happen,for me that land was 3000 kms away in another state.
I was in Mandurah,Western Australia,my Fathers land,where I was born and raised until I was 14 years old,is Mount Gambier South Australia.

I then procrastinated,it became too hard,to move everything,to pull up stumps and move,Particularly with my major depression and anxiety.Yes I still held onto trevor my grace is sufficient for you.

So fast forward to February 2020.The covid19 hit Australia,and various States were closing their borders under a national emergency act.
The Western Australian/South Australian border was announce to be closed just 2 days before it was.And there was no indication,as to how long for,but suggested at the time, for a period of 6 months.
My son was getting married within that 6 months period.So I made the decision to ,close my unit and head towards the border,which was closing 4:30 the next day.So I could attend his wedding.I Packed some clothes and essentials,threw a mattress into the back of my SUV,and left at 3:30 pm the day before,the closure.Yeah big drive,but had done it numerous times before.I goto the actual border 1500 km away,no problems,went straight through the border check point 4 hours before deadline.Im thinking phew,great,I made it.BUT

I continued for another 450 km,intending to stop at a place called about 8pm.I would by then have covered approx.1950 kms in 19 hours.And there was the border security,As I lined up,there were hundreds of vehicles crossing both ways,to get home from holidays etc,before the closure.of the border.Im thinking,I will be ok,I’ve got petrol,receipts from the service station on the actual border,showing I had crossed it before the dead line.WRONG!!.
I was ordered into mandatory isolation for 2 weeks,and my details,were recorded,so border force or police could check on me,once I had notified were I would do it,to see if I was complying,If not several $1000 fine and possible jail.So checked into a motel for the night,I was so tired,and continued on next morning,to a place called Port Augusta.400 odd km away.I thought no point going on,I may as well stay here,as anywhere,for the 2 weeks.So booked into a self contained unit in a caravan park.Got a Woolworths deliver of essential food and supplies.
I was still 300km from,Adelaide,where my children and grannies lived.The isolation,allowed me plenty of time to read the word,praying,listening/watching good biblical teachers.Turned a unpleasant situation into a blessing from God.

So fast forward 2 weeks,I travelled to Adelaide and am currently living in a small caravan in my daughter, husband and grannies front yard.So now I’ve got another 360 kms to go,to get to Mount Gambier,the land of my father.Got to find a house or unit,to rent and live there,Application,after application.
I was starting to doubt,whether I was doing the right thing.!!?

BUT GOD,I love those but God times,Showed me while I had left physically,I was still holding stuff in my heart,back in W.Aust.
So back to prayer,what Lord,what is holding me up ,from going any further forward.?
Then someone posted a video of a message a pastor had preached on from 2 Kings 3:1-27.Message titled,You shouldn’t have been there in the first place.Video here

Oh Lord,yes your right,I should never have gone to W.Aust,with my then partner in the first place.After my divorce.Although,we were not living together,we still had a relationship,that I had entered into 10 years earlier
And I was lying to her,when she asked,when I was coming back,to W.Aust,I kept saying,I can’t because of the border closures.
So I had to tell her,I was not coming back,I was staying here in S.Aust.She asked,why not?have you found someone else?Not interested at this stage of life,plus,I’m not sure I should,having been divorced.I told her I am not coming back,because I believe God has told me to stay here.That for the last few years,we had grown apart,lived apart,and,that I should never have gotten into the relationship,in the first place and no,I hadn’t and wasn’t interested in another relationship,with another women.

She took it hard,but remained calm as we talked.It was hard for me,as I listened to her,recount,what we had done,how she supported me through my Suicide attempts and dealt with my depression.An amazing women,who stood by me,when most of my friends and family abandoned me.I said we haven’t had a romantic relationship For several years now,but we have always remained very good friends,If she needed my advise on situations in her life,I would always be an ear of a very good friend,and to who,I am very thankful to God for and I could still be that friend,she could phone.

But I was a little how I had hurt her.
Next morning,I noticed around midday,I had missed several calls from her,and I’m thinking oh boy,is this what she is going to keep doing?

Anyway,she rang,I answered and she said,I was hurt and angry last night,but I accept,what you are doing,I agree we have not had a real relationship for a long time,and she said,You are doing what God,wants and that’s ok.That gave me an opening and said Pauline,you should get right with God as well.You gave your life to him,6 months after I did,all those years ago,Christmas 1973.A night I will never forget.She said not likely,I just said ok,but God won’t let you go.He will reveal himself to you again.I said you can still call me like you are now,asking for advise about a sticky situation,she was in.We just talked like good friends

So people reading,please pray for Pauline,to return the Lord.
After that call,That uneasiness,I had from the night before lifted and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding again flooded my soul.So I am just waiting on God ,the final step to unfold.That was 31 st March 2020,Thursday evening.

Next morning,I got a phone call,it was Pauline,crying.I asked what’s up?She replied,I just had some 2nd hand furniture delivered for J and K,(2 indigenous kids she looks after,since their mother passed away,8 years ago,her brothers kids,who can’t look after them)
I should point out Pauline is Nyoongar,which is a indigenous,tribal group,from the south west of Western Australia)I am,in their language a Wadjella,which means white fella.
So she is crying.The person who dropped the furniture off,once Pauline paid for it and took it inside.
Went to the passenger side,door of His car and handed Pauline a brochure.She took it,and was shocked.given what I had been speaking to her about the previous night.
It was a tract,with the gospel in it,He was from the baptist church close by.

She said,normally,when I get religious stuff in my mail box,from JWs,Potters house etc.I throw it in the bin without reading it.But  I knew this was different,it was a real Christian message.(She quoted some of the scriptures,like Rom 3:23,Rom 6:23,Rom 5:8,Roms 10:8..then a prayer for salvation,which included repenting of sin.I’m nodding to myself,and thinking A romans road gospel tract.
‘I asked her,why she was upset?She answered because of what you were saying last night.I had told her she had been saved 40 odd years ago at that Baptist camp,at Busselton West.Aust.I told her God had not given up on her.That “the hound dog of heaven,”the Holy Spirit,would seak and find the wandering sheep.I had told Her she would,not litterally,but hear a voice in her heart saying Pauline,Pauline,it’s me Jesus.Come home.

I said,see,I told you God would get your attention one way or another,and look what has just happened.Gods making you take notice,just like He said He would,like what I told you last night.I said,it’s upto you,what you do,you are obviousely being sought out by Jesus the good shepherd,who leaves the 99,and goes find the wandering sheep,picks them up and returns to the fold.
Then I reminded her of Joshua,who spoke to the children of Israel.You are like one of those children,And God is saying to you Pauline,choose you this day,whom you will serve,as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.
That all you have to do,say like Samual did,I’m here Lord,I’m here,what are you going to do,Pauline.
Then,she went very quiet,it just wasn’t me talking, I thought we had dropped out of the phone call.
I asked,are you still there,she said yes,I’m just shocked at what you just said about Joshua,I said its true,Pauline and you know it.
She,then said,you told me about Joshua,You know what that mans name was?I said I’ve got no idea.She said his name was Joshua.Im going,in my head,that’s amazing and she is recognising the connection,that what I had been saying was true,That God will find a way,to let you know,he is on your case,He was calling her back to himself.
Said a few other things,to encourage to return to God,then said,I can’t say anymore,it’s between you and God,I’m stopping,but if you want to talk more about it another time call me.
I don’t,know if she has returned back to God,But,Anyone reading this please pray for her.

Now back to my move and frustration,in knowing where I should go in the general sense,but I had no home,now place to live.
BUT GOD,there it is again,I got a phone call from the real estate agents,she listed 4 or 5 properties,that she thought I might be interested and to email,her back,after doing virtual tours of one of them and more photos of the others.I said I preferred the virtual tour one.She replied I’ve put your proposal to the owner,might hear back today,Friday,if not Monday.
Monday 4/May 2020,came,I got a phone call,9:30 am,your proposal,for your preferred home has been approved.

When do you want to move in.Longer story shortened(yeah I know it already turned into a novel)

‘I am moving Wednesday,6th/May 2020.Today as I write this is Monday 6th May,evening 11:48 pm.

BUT GOD,it’s amazing how,once we put things right with God,and in my case with Pauline,in telling her the truth,of how He gave me boldness to talk to her about Jesus,how quickly He has moved in bring about circumstances,confirmed by His word.
One thing I said to her,was You know something,one indication,you really  were saved all those years ago,Is this.How quickly,you forgave me,for hurting you and recognising,I was only doing what I was doing,was because,God had been leading me for 2 years,to get back into fellowship and into His will for me.

What God has for me to do down in my home town,my fathers land,at this stage,I have no it is again.BUT GOD does,and he will order my steps as I seek Him and his will for me.

I believe I have found a church in Mount Gambier,Baptist,by watching,a few online videos of the last few weeks messages.Pray,that the Lord will make that real clear to me.

I just want to say one more thing.Its in regards to knowing the will of God,for our lives,which is not always a complete,detailed,step,by step.But can and is revealed,step,by step.The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.And each step is made known as we take 1 step,then another step,then another step,ect.until we find where God is leading us,in its final outcome.
So the question,is asked,how do you know?How do you know each step?

For me,I was taught by my father,3 things must come together,not necessarily in order but,especially major decisions you make in life,as a eg,How God has led me.

They are

1.A word from God,by a verse or passage,General,principle,don’t move,without this,even if the next 2 have happened.

2.Peace,peace in our hearts,that rule and guards us,no matter what we immediately see in front of us..We must be moving in Faith.Which is the substance of thing hoped for,yet are unseen.

3.Circumstances.The circumstances,confirmed,by,doors to opportunities are either opened or closed.

Of coarse,we must be praying, not my will Lord but yours.We should humble ourselves, before God and in due coarse he will exalt us.

General,situations,like,what car should I buy,I believe God has given us sound,minds,to make sound,right decisions.Although I have known God to direct me even those things.

Since,God has been leading me,and with a boldness,I have not known for a very,very long time.I can say Romans 1:16,”For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

For the first time since I joined Facebook,I have posted Articles,videos,etc of the Gospel message of Good news.The

John 3:16-18 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
If you have never believed and recieved,Jesus is Savior,your not sure,where you will spend eternity,when you die,please,don’t put it off another moment,The next moment maybe too late.
All you have do is change your mind about Christ,and believe Him to save you.Salvation is a free gift,that requires not works,no being good enough,Simply that by Gods mercy and Grace,you will be saved ,Born Again.

What say,you?will you believe today?want to know more search this website,How to be saved and know where you will with 100% certainty,that,you have Eternal,Everlastibg life,WILL NOT PERISH and WILL BE raised up on the last day.
Send me a message via the contact form……trev.

That message I listen to was,is correct,I should not have been there,in that relationship in the first place.It was right to find my son,but I should never got back into a relationship with His mother.

That was my Sodom and Gomorrah ,I was to flee from it.
EDIT/Update 15/10/2021.I am now back in Adelaide,have my own 2 bedroom cabin in a Over 55’s residential park.


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