Our DNA as Sons of our Heavenly Father

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Our DNA as Sons of our Heavenly Father

One of my favourite pastimes is watching videos by the innocence project.
Where people have been convicted of a heinous crime and sentenced to multiple life sentences,even the death penalty,while always maintaining they were innocent.
Many,having served many,many years ,one eg 27 yrs, have been exonerated,by the Innocent project with the use of DNA.
This brings me to the point of my post.
The DNA of all of us.Your kids can disown you,you could even disown them,For reasons that are varied.
Regardless of what we do,or what we say about our kids and or parents.Their DNA still proves their heritage.
Lets look at us as Born Again/Saved people.
We are now new creations,each and everyone of us,who have trusted in Christ alone by grace through faith alone to be our Saviour.
The prodigal son story in the gospels ,Luke 15:11-32 tell us of 1 son,who went out to a far off land and squandered his inheritance.The other son,stayed and enjoyed the fellowship and blessing of living under His fathers house.
The prodigal,came to his senses after living with pigs.Returning home to his fathers house,hoping at least,his father would allow him to be a servant.
Notice,when the son was afar off,His father ran out and greeted him.How could the father have noticed his son a far off?He was watching out for his son to return,he knew he would.
Not once did the father stop being his sons father.
Not once did the son stop being his fathers son.
Dispite the son being grossly disobedient,grossly extravagant spending his inheritance,no matter how filthy the son become
His DNA,always said they were father and son,son and father.Yet the other son complained bitterly,when the father threw a party on his sons return.
How does this apply to us?
As Born Again/Saved people,we have become a new creation,old things have passed away and behold all things have become new .Our spiritual DNA has changed from just being one of Gods creation.Now we are Gods new creation,by which we are now Sons of God.Our spiritual DNA has been changed By God Himself.It can’t be changed.
Can this be verified by scripture?Yes I believe so and here is how.
We are Born agian of incorruptable seed,Ie by the Holy Spirit..
Our DNA is Incorruptable,just as the incorruptable seed of the Holy Spirit is.We have the incorruptable DNA of the Holy spirit.1Peter 1:23 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. 24For, “All flesh is like grass,and all its glory like the flowers of the field; the grasswithers and the flowers fall, 25but the word of the Lord stands forever.” And this is the word that was proclaimed to you.
Now we can be sons who are disobedient,like the prodigal and squander our inheritance,squander the blessings of living in fellowship with our heavenly Father or we can be like the other son,who lived in blessings of living in his fathers house.
In no way,did the prodigal son,stop being his father son.His DNA says so
In no way did the father stop being his sons father,his DNA says so.
Maybe you have wandered from Gods purpose for your life,maybe,you have been a very disobedient son.
Come to your senses,confess,your sin,repent ie change your mind about what you are doing ,come to your senses about your disobedience and return to your heavenly Fathers house.he won’t just accept you as a servant,but will recieve you back as a son,yours and His DNA has not changed.
Like the prodigals Father did,God your heavenly Father is watching out for you to return.He knows you will,Dont be afraid,He is ready to throw a party at your return.
You havent lost your salvation,it’s impossible to,your DNA says so.It may seem that God is dead to you,because you are so far away.But know even when you physically die,Your DNA is still saying,your father is still your father and you are still his son.
Your spritual DNA is still your heavenly Fathers DNA.
Some have objected to this elsewhere on the basis the Father said behold my son is dead to me and has been made alive again.Therefore the prodigal lost his salvation then regained it again.No,dead as in fellowship wise,Our fellowship is dead,it has been severed,but never completely,But our relationship has not,our DNA has not changed
Even if the son died in the pig sty.If you dug him up,his DNA would still show they He is the fathers son and the sons father.
Father I pray,that the circumstances of a wondering son of God,gets to the point ,where they come to their senses and return to you,back into receiving your blessings,you have to bestow on them.
I ask this in Jesus name ,amen
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