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Blog Role – Grace through Faith Plus Nothing = Salvation    Grant Hawley

The Gracelings are a group of like-minded writers and artists who hold to Free Grace theology and want to share that message of liberating grace to whoever will simply believe it.

Shawn Lazar is the Editor of Grace in Focus Magazine, Director of Publications for Grace Evangelical Society, and the associate pastor at Gateway United Baptist Church in Denton, TX. He received a BTh at McGill University and an MA from the Free University, Amsterdam.

Lucas Kitchen is a writer and filmmaker for and He attends Liberty University.

Steve Dehner is a Northwest author and speaker who grew up in Portland, Missoula, Montana, and Seattle. He writes across several genres, including essays, articles, and reviews. His first book, At a Loss: How You Can Help a Grieving Friend, was recently published by Greentown Press. He lives with his family in Forest Grove, Oregon, where he is working on his first novel. See more at

Kent Young serves in his home assembly in Tallahassee, FL, where he lives with his family. His published works have been extensions of his teaching ministry in the assembly. He has also written as a guest contributor for and

Joe Filer is an author, speaker, and church planter. Born in Shamong, N.J. he now lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife of 24 years and their two teen boys. His first book was recently published by Freedom Church Movement: Freedom: Your Best Year Yet. Living the Abundant Christian Life. Joe has been a church planter since 2008 and is currently a missionary in Utah planting underground churches that meet in homes and some pretty unusual places. Joe is also helping to coach 18 church planters in China.

Grant Hawley is Pastor of Bold Grace Fellowship, Director of Bold Grace Ministries, and the author of many books on grace, discipleship, and other topics. Grant is serving as the executive editor of the upcoming peer-reviewed theological journal from Grace School of Theology and Free Grace Alliance. Grant is also a member of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics and of the Executive Council for the Free Grace Alliance. He lives in Allen, TX with his wife, Tamara, and son, Rock.

Verse by verse- Maranatha Church

Bible Study Manuals Bill Giovannetti Dr. Robert Dean     (Bill and Dory Gray)

Middletown Bible Chruch

Grace Evangelical Society (Bob Wilkins,Shaw Lazer,Mark Gray,Bethany Taylor) Evan Tell  REV. DR. JERRY SCHMOYER

Compelling Truth

Bible Truth

A Lance to the Heart (Lance)

Alicia LaGrone Ministries (Alicia LaGrone)

All the Time God is Good (John Reed)

Beyond the Pale (Steve Hackman) (Bobby Shirley)

Communicating Grace (Bas Rijksen)

Cornerstone Bible Church (Kris Page) (Daniel van der Merwe)

Done with Religion (Michael Donahoe)

Emmaus Hut (JM Koh)

Forward Ministries (Clint Byars)

God’s Grace Works (Paul Noble)

Grace Center Houston (Eric and Deborah Skidmore)

Grace Creation (Tony Orick)

Grace Revolution (Tony Yu)

Grace Wins (David Miller)

Grace Without Measure (Evan Beecham)

Grace World (Daniel Hewett)

Heilan Word Ministries (Vic Cameron)

His Grace is Enough (Simon Yap)

In Him (Bret Trasamar)

Journey Without a Destination (Jess Hays)

Life as It Is (Wynema Clark) (Michael Wilson)

New Creation Now (Mike Filippi)

OneWayLove Mission (Alexander Chapota)

Parresia Ministries (Tricia Gunn)

Promise after Promise (Kindall Nelson)

Psalm 16:11 (Makala Doulos)

Reigning in Life (Simeon Edigbe)

RuthieBGallery (Ruth Brentner)

The Father We Never Knew (Philem Doherty)

The Hope Message (Hensu Jaya)

The Man in Christ (Mark Balberde)

Under the Waterfall of Grace (Sparrow St. John)

Wellsprings of Rest (Jake Dunbar)

Grace blogs/websites in other languages

Gospel of Grace (Hatta Halimas; Indonesian)


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