Salvation by Lewis S.Chafer

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God’s Marvelous Work of Grace by

Lewis Sperry Chafer


Chapter 1 – The Word Salvation
Chapter 2 – God’s Estimate of the Lost
Chapter 3 – The Threefold Message of the Cross
Chapter 4 – The Present Values of the Cross to the Unsaved

Chapter 5 – The One Condition of Salvation
Chapter 6 – The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus
Chapter 7 – Two Cardinal Facts
Chapter 8 – Assurance
Chapter 9 – Rewards, or the Place of Christian Works Chapter

10 – The Eternal Security of the Believer
Chapter 11 – The Eternal Security of the Believer
Chapter 12 – An Appeal

This book is presented as a simple Gospel message and is in no way intended to be a contribution to theological discussion. It is evangelistic in purpose. The writer has hoped that this statement of God’s saving grace may be adapted to the spiritual understanding of the unsaved that they may grasp the way of salvation from these pages and so be led to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
It is hoped, as well, that many who have believed may find some new consolation and up-building in Christ even through this brief unfolding of the saving grace of God.
That this book may be used of God to the eternal glory of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, is the prayer of the author.
Lewis Sperry Chafer October 1, 1917

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