Sanctification – it’s meanings

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Sanctification – it’s meanings

There is a lot of denying practical or ongoing sanctification being propagated around at the moment.This includes not having to confessing sin as per 1Jn 1:9,once we are saved.Some say 1 Jn 1:9 is a verse by which we are saved/born again.This is false,it is about our fellowship,with our brothers and sisters in Christ and with God.
We must get our terms right,otherwise we will be very,very confused and liable to be led into false teaching.
.Initial sanctification,or justification
we are set apart by God upon our our believing on Jesus alone to save us.We recieve the FREE GIFT of eternal life at that very moment,we believe,we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the light of Christ.And many other things that God does to us and says about us ,I write about here
Many times this initial sanctification is known as Justification.It’s a judicial declaration by God that we are justified.I prefer this as it avoids the confusion of the different aspects of sanctification.
This comes simply by believing on Christ alone,by grace alone,through faith alone,without any works or law keeping whatsoever ever.
Also sometimes referred to positional sanctification.
This Sanctification/Justification happens to everyone who is saved,born again from above,without exception.

2……Ongoing sanctification/progressive sanctification also referred to discipleship.
This sanctification is the change that a person,experiences and how they grow or not in the Lord.It is also by grace,that we become more like Christ,as we allow him to work in us to both to will and to do of his good pleasure.There may or may not be any obvious change seen by those looking at the person.Yet God is doing a work in them,in things that we may not see with our human eyes.
It will include disciple of a wayward child of God.God allowing the consequences of our sin,to be reaped here on earth,with the possibility of God taking us home early,due to not yielding to the discipline.This discipline is from the love of God,with the purpose of producing the peacable fruits of righteousness in us.
Unlike the positional sanctification/justification,God deals with everyone in accordance to what He wants an individual to do or not do.And we will be rewarded or not according to our faithfulness to do the will of God,doing what he wants us to do.Everyone’s reward will be the bema seat of Christ.

3…….Final sanctification,mostly referred to as Glorification.
This happens to all who are born again from above.
At the time of our death or the return of Jesus,we will be raised up to meet Him and will be in glory/heaven for eternity.Where we will recieve crowns and will worship God,walking streets of Gold and living in the mansions he has prepared for us…….Come quickly Lord.
I hope this has helped………trev

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