Should we judge whether another persons is saved?

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Should we judge whether another persons is saved?

1) Where in the Bible are we exhorted to figure out who is saved and who isn’t?
2) No one is saved because of what they do, or their lifestyle, or their sin.
3) No one is consigned to eternal destruction because of what they do, or their lifestyle, or their sin.
4) One’s eternal destiny is determined by the possession of everlasting life or not.
5) No one is born with everlasting life, only everlasting existence.
6) The way to obtain everlasting life is to believe in Christ alone for it.
7) When one believes in Christ for everlasting life he’s irreversibly born again and is absolutely certain of it.
8) A believer with absolute certainty of possessing everlasting life may then begin a life of discipleship, growth, and service.
9) When the believer dies he goes into the Lord’s presence.
10) The believer who has physically died then awaits the Bema Seat evaluation of his deeds done as a believer and is, at that time, rewarded (or not) in accord with his faithfulness in life.
A. B. Badger, Th.D.

By: Anthony Badger

When a person opines on what another believer will or will not do he transgresses the boundary of omniscience and takes upon himself the throne of deity. Anyone who does so inserts his foot into legalist territory and will most certainly impose his own standards of life upon you, and he will find some misinterpretation of Scripture to justify doing so. A. B. Badger, ThD
By: Stephen Jackson
We must account for the fact that there are Atheists who love their wives and children and are faithful and committed to their family and friends and job.
And have been atheists for decades.
Not saved, yet live a morally consistent life.
Jehovah’s Witnesses who adopt children and feel they are Obedient to God for over 30 years teaching for the Watchtower Society. They never curse, are sexually promiscuous, and are missionaries as well when they can.
Not saved, yet live morally consistent and Obedient life to whom they believe God is.
A Muslim woman, who is a nurse for 12 years and a devout Muslim, who volunteers her money and her time to low income families by working at a food bank, and also helping to educate women at local battered women’s shelters.
Not saved, yet lives a morally consistent life to whom she Believes is God.
But now, you have a woman who got saved when she was 22, has been active in her church as a women’s bible study teacher, volunteers her time to crisis pregnancy centers, and recently has been telling her boss about Jesus being the Son of God, who died for her sins and was resurrected to prove He alone, has the power to offer forgiveness and Eternal Life.
Just one thing, 7 years ago, her husband died ( whom she ministered with) and on her way to work one day, she was hit by a drunk driver. After many surgeries, she survived it. But has had constant and severe back and leg pain as a result. Sometimes it keeps her up at night. She has believed that God will heal her of all this pain, but He has not yet. She prays for it and stays in her word, but the pain has frustrated her, and she has a hard time making it to church because of it. It’s been over a month since she has been in church. The Pastor went by her house to check on her. To find that she is angry at God for allowing her to be hit by a drunk driver. Angry that God took her husband, and now, angry that she is not healed. The Pastor noticed a few empty bottles of vodka, and the smell of marijuana throughout the house.
In order to deal with (or not deal with) the debilitating pain she experiences, because pain management prescriptions don’t seem to help the way they first did, she has become a drinker and uses marijuana to attempt to escape her serious pain. Sometimes she just wants to commit suicide so the pain is over. She still cries out to Jesus, who has chosen not to heal her physically yet. It’s been 7 years.
SAVED by KNOWING and BELIEVING Jesus Christ ALONE offers Eternal Life to all who believe, yet, is now living a morally INCONSISTENT life.
Our problem comes with the fact that if we are to judge moral lives as a way to determine if someone is saved or NOT saved, we would have to follow them around 24/7 and know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING they do, don’t do, say, think, feel, desire,etc. ( Sounds like a job for only God, right?).
But that would mean someone is appointed to do the very same..with US.
Problem, who is perfect enough in this life to be appointed that job? (Only Christ was but He didn’t come to Condemned the world,but that the world through Him might be saved.)..
Another question: Who now, follows the follower to make sure THEY are living morally Obedient and Consistent lives?
People change. Prostitutes can turn to missionaries… and back again… and then change again… God is at work…
A Pastor for 30 years, saved and seeing others saved, can and DO have moral failures too. Just like US. Theirs are more visible because of the position they hold before God as a leader.. but, they can change too.. and then change back, right,Sis?
We can’t determine COMPLETELY by behavior that one IS,or IS NOT saved simply by how one behaves( per, my examples up top)..
But consider this ‘if’ BEHAVIOR is always a PROOF of Salvation, or not:
What if everything we Did, or didn’t do, was put on the Screen at church just before worship?🎥📺
EVERYTHING ,since our Salvation… EVERYTHING.📽️
How about if EVERYTHING we thought just this past week, but didn’t say, showed up n HUGE words on our forehead or skin visible to the people we ‘thought’ those things about?🧠😳📃📄
How about if EVERY wrong desire IMMEDIATELY showed up, visible to EVERYONE, with VIDEO to not just hear, but SEE👀📹🎙️
EVERYTHING! Everywhere we GO. What we WATCH, what we EAT,Drink, wear, consume,etc…24/7. EVERYTHING. from the Pastor, to the Christian janitor at the elderly home.. EVERYTHING???
How many finger pointers at their brothers and sisters, Would themselves, find that THEY, were not saved because their BEHAVIOR was PROOF that they ALSO, are constantly INCONSISTENT?
James 2:10
Just some food for thought on the subject
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