Spiritual or Carnal Christian’s,both still saved.

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Spiritual or Carnal Christian’s,both still saved.

By Brother Bill Adams

“One reason the gospel message of salvation has gotten perverted over the years is because many believers and unbelievers do not accept the truth of this post. They want to convince us that when a person is really saved he cannot be sinning or he was never saved.
Yet the Bible makes it crystal clear that this belief is not true. 1Corinthians 3:1,” And I, ( the apostle Paul ) brethren ( believers in Christ ), could not speak unto you as unto spiritual ( growing believers ), but as unto carnal ( fleshly, worldly minded, sinful ), even as unto babes in Christ. Paul is addressing two types of Christians, the spiritual and carnal Christian.
The Old Testament gives us a picture of two types of believers, Abraham and Lot Genesis 12-19. One is spiritual, the other carnal.
(1) both were believers.
(2) both had been in the Will of God in Canaan.
(3) both were blessed in the Will of God. (4) both left the will of God for a period of time going down to Egypt. (5) both were chastised for their actions which drove them back to the will of God.
(6) Abraham walked by faith in the will of God, Lot walked by sight.
(7) Abraham loved God, Lot loved the world.
(8) Abraham’s life became a blessing to generations after him, while Lot’s became a curse to generations after him, 2 Peter2:7-8.
Lot chose the green fields and influence of Sodom and Gomorrah while Abraham chose the barren land of Canaan which God promised He would bless and is still blessing.
Today you have believers making the same choices that these two believers did, one choosing God, the other the flesh. And the result’s are always the same.
Lesson to learn from a spiritual Christian and a carnal Christian. Your life as a Christian will follow one of these examples. You can pay a price for Christ in following Him, or pay the price Lot paid which was the loss of his testimony as a believer, the loss of family, and losing his home and possessions, a wasted life! YOU WILL PAY ONE OR THE OTHER!
I sincerely hope you will choose to follow Christ. So if you pay a price with your life, and you will, why not make it count for something that honors your savior instead of bringing shame to Him.”
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